Featuring 100 classic, custom, and exotic vehicles. First, second, and third place trophies will be awarded, as well as $500 CASH PRIZE for first place. Voting will be conducted by event attendees between 11:00 am and 2:30 pm, with awards announced on the stage at 3:30 pm, before Elizabeth Cook’s set time.

Car show registration is FREE, and includes one FREE General Admission ticket to the entire event. Car Show registrants will also receive a 25% off discount code to be used to purchase additional tickets for any of their guests.

We have partnered with local guitar manufacturer, Scout Guitars, to display some of their product line of custom, hand built guitars.

Scout Guitars is an American company, hailing from Orlando Florida, run by Nick Scout. They offer custom, hand built guitars with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their guitars are constructed using responsibly sourced domestic and exotic woods, and offer you, the customer, the chance to design the guitar you've always wanted - keeping you up to date during the entire construction of your guitar. Their goal is to create instruments that are reflections of each and everyone of their customers; capturing the unique voice of every player. The crew at Scout Guitars believes that a guitar built will passion and expertise becomes an heirloom, with its own unique story to tell.

We will also have El Camino School on hand. They will have several guitars on display along with information on the classes they offer, including music lessons, as well as courses on instrument/amplifier building and repair.

El Camino School is a music school based in Orlando, Florida that offers a wide variety of courses, lessons, guest lectures and events. One of the main focuses at El Camino School is trade-based learning, and developing the next generation of touring technicians. They also offer music lessons, music therapy, seminars, and meet-ups. The school’s primary objective is to create a true collaboration with the community and local music industry in order to impart knowledge for those seeking to further their understanding, careers, or hobbies. They also aim to educate current and aspiring musicians on how the music is created before the artists even strike a string. This includes everything under the surface in creating music, from guitar circuitry to the inner workings of a guitar amp or effects pedals. Musicians that understand how it all works are more likely to succeed in their craft.